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Hi there, and thanks for visiting our blog. We are Chris and Sarah, and we love to explore! 

For Chris, the travel bug started young, when his mom took him on a flight to San Diego, CA (you stay classy). It was then he saw the beauty of creation from the sky for the first time, and where he learned how to use a map. No, not Google Maps, but an actual map. For the West Virginia native, the bug only got bigger and stronger from there, as he traveled to twelve different countries through college and graduate school. This included a 24 day backpacking trip through Europe with his best friend, costing less than $3k! Chris has always been a frugal traveler, looking for creative ways to stretch his money and still create an epic adventure. But no adventure has been better than when he met his wife Sarah in 2014, and the adventure continues on. ​Chris has now traveled to 34 countries (on 5 continents!), and is always looking forward to the next trip.

Sarah grew up in southern West Virginia, and always had a dream to explore beyond the borders of her small town. She started traveling extensively while in college, but most of the travel in those days was domestic, primarily along the US East Coast. Sarah's first big international trip was in January, 2013, when she traveled to Tanzania to trek Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on safari. This grand adventure grew her passion for East Africa, and she traveled back to Tanzania and Kenya in the fall of that same year. When Sarah met Chris in early 2014, she was already busy planning her third trip to the African continent, but this time to South Africa. Chris ended up joining Sarah on that trip to South Africa in October 2014, where he proposed on a wine farm, and she said YES! Sarah has now traveled to a total of 26 countries (and 5 continents!), 15 of which were destinations on her honeymoon trip around the world with Chris. She still loves to explore the world and life with him!

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